Delbar Racing Pigeon
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Delbar Racing Pigeon
We acquired the Delbar racing pigeons in 1973. They were bred by Maurice Delbar and fantastic--they flew from 100 to 600+ miles. No problem.

Out of those racing pigeons we raised a fantastic hen, Peaches, with a golden eye. Her children, grand children and on and on are all over the world winning and breeding winners.

We then integrated a few racing pigeons from Paul De Boo of San Diego. What super pigeons! We then added the Pete Henry Trans Sierra Delbars and then they were cooking. The super hen from Hugh Gray. Friendly Blue won the 600 miles by more than three hours

This blend has been together for many years. They are very inbred. When I mated them to a Vernazza Janssen hen in 1987--Voila! The Miracle Hen won the 600 by more than 1.5 hours on two separate occasions. She flew her last race when she was 7 years old and she was my 1st bird from the 600. She has bred multiple race winners. The Miracle Family is nothing short of world class. She is Peaches bred on the sire's side and George Law Vernazza on the dam's side.

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